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N2 by coloneljimbo3rd
quick nightcrawler sketch-does anybody even draw him the way Cockrum originally drew him anymore?
----I first heard this nugget of wisdom from friend and fellow dA member :iconjohnbeatty: 27 odd years ago while whining about a break-up, STILL, a year after it happened-i hated it because of it's finality and because he was right---and he still is-but now i accept it and will be a happier person for it----
     I am now living in a nursing home- I pretty much knew that was where I was headed after my (step)daughter Jane passed away-but i didn't want to lose my independence and gave it a shot with my wife until it practically killed me (don't ask for a more detail about that-i won't respond)- being here is not too bad-certainly it took awhile to mentally adjust to my surroundings (i still wake up confused at my surroundings and then remember where i am)- but the loss of a few freedoms is worth the services they provide and the medical needs they fill-it is also nice to not have to worry about where i am going to lay my head the next day when i go to sleep at night, where is my next meal coming from, and most of all not having to beg anymore----
     For the time being i am trying to get up some art supplies- i lost my nibs,my ink, and my flashdrive with all my bluline files from having to move from place to place-not to mention  replacing my laptop,printer scanner, and drafting board i had to sell to try to keep from getting evicted---there is one benefactor who is supposed to help with the art supplies-the rest i am just going to have to earn- it is what it is
     Thank all of you for your support, prayer, and well wishes these last years-even though my life the last few years has pretty much been one big bowl of rotten cherries I finally feel like things are looking up-now that I am in a stable enviroment and stay here i can be put on the transplant list- i now have medicare and medicaid so i can now get the cataract removed from my right eye and finally get my depth perception back-not to mention i can also get a hearing aid for my left ear after doing without for 2 years- i am calmer now than i have been in quite some time- i hope to get back to my art soon-that includes pencilling-who'd a thunk that losing my transplant would have so many positive effects? it is what it is-

thanks everbody and God bless-
  • Listening to: my ears ringing (a different tone for each ear!)
  • Reading: how to draw comics the marvel way
  • Watching: my hair turn gray
  • Eating: hospital type food
  • Drinking: very little

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